Hello and Welcome to Bakes by Jason. I’m Jason, just your average amateur baker, cookbook collector, TV binge watcher, and contestant on the Great American Baking Show Season 4.

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband Nick and our cat Finn. I am the Cafe Buyer for a large retail bookstore chain (betcha can’t guess which one 😊) which means I spend my days working with our vendors to bring new food items to all of our stores.

When I am not at my day job, I love to read up on recipes, watch videos of baking techniques, and research all the ways to do a new bake before having a crack at it myself. I always love discovering something new and difficult and, usually after a few fails, work my way up to mastering it.

My love for baking comes from my Mother and Grandmother who both baked a ton of Christmas cookies every year. Sure there would be other thing made the rest of the year, but Christmas was the best! When I moved away from home I started to bake for myself and after a few years of doctoring up box mixes I was baking from scratch.

I love to bake for family and friends, I think it is the most rewarding thing about baking. I am excited to share my recipes with all you visiting this site and I hope that you will give some of them a try and share with your families and friends.

Thank you for visiting!